Changing the lives of every child with autism one step at a time
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Autism is not a choice made by the child; it is a gift that is bestowed upon them. It makes them a little more sparkly than the rest of everyone. It flaunts their uniqueness. Every family with an autistic child is a family visited by an angel.

Because of the uniqueness of Autism, the children and their families need a little special attention sometimes and there is not enough of this to make them feel seen, understood, and loved; not only by themselves but by the people around them and the people that come in contact with them. Toby Onubogu Foundation was created to fill this void.

A child with Autism sees things more colorfully, hears things differently, and communicates uniquely. From a place of ignorance, this may not be understood or welcomed, and as such, families are forced to make the choice of creating their own fun and relaxation.

I remember taking my beautiful Autistic boy to the mall and when he flapped his arms in excitement like a happy bird, it created a buzz. What if there was a place where these special ones and their special ones can experience and experiment; together and individually, without fear of judgment? Where one can sing when she feels like it, jump when the urge comes, and dance like no one is watching?

Our Institution will provide this rhapsody. There will be specialized sensory-motor equipment, and hands-on staff to facilitate safe play and encourage socialization and friendships.

An abundance of fun activities that appeal to the senses, which the child can indulge in alone or with friends and family, will be assured. It will be a safe place free of fears, misconceptions, and prejudice. The fun, happiness, and safety of the child and family come first.

Parents and caregivers are not left out as there will be the option of time-bound care and dotting if one needs personal time to attend to pressing matters or even just to de-stress with some shopping at the Luxury Tanger Outlets. Sensory Island will not only entice and hold the attention of the child, but give mom and dad time to relax and come back refreshed.

Autism is a condition that opens up the sensory palate of a child in a different and broader scope. Therefore, Sensory Island has different things to indulge this palate, such as an accident-proof gym that will hold certain safe but interesting activities aided by equipment and adjustable to different age and size brackets.

There will be relaxation and destimulating rooms with imagery and motion to lull to sleep. There will be games that can be played individually or as a group; this will aid family bonding.

Sensory Island’s goal is to better the mental and physical health of families through sensory experiences. The child with autism, family, and friends can all leave happier and healthier than they came.

Toby Onubogu Foundation is determined and dedicated to finding ways to brighten the lives of all people, with special emphasis on the differently abled.

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