Where fun and exciting activities await your kids
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Kids love to play and have fun. We love to see the smiles and happy faces of kids, especially during their stay with us. With the fun activities we offer at Sensory Island, kids and their parents will never have to worry about anything since they are all in good hands. Listed below are the services we provide.

Specialized Sensory Motor Equipment

We have various equipment for kids that focuses on their sensory and motor skills. Here at Sensory Island, kids with autism can freely do things they love while our compassionate staff members look after them. All our equipment is safe and child-friendly, which is why kids will surely have a delightful time without being interrupted.

Hands-on Staff

We make sure kids are safe and secure at all times. With the help of our hands-on staff, parents can leave their kids at ease with us. Our staff members are all compassionate, friendly, and dedicated to doing their jobs. We are unified with the same goal, which is to take good care and nurture kids with disabilities into becoming joyful individuals.

Fun Activities

Nowadays, kids tend to spend most of their time on their screens, which is not a good thing. Sensory Island has prepared fun and exciting activities for kids. Rest assured that the activities we have prepared are all wholesome and can help improve their skills and more. They can also learn while they play.

Relaxation Spots

We aim to let kids experience not just fun, but relaxation as well. We have relaxation spots in our play area where kids can take a rest. Kids deserve relaxation time to recharge their energy after all the fun.


  • Everybody with kids are allowed into this space.
  • The special kids have free entrance into this facility, while the other kids would have to pay a token.
  • Parents are also allowed to leave their kids in the space and go relax somewhere else within that place.

Connect With Us

For your inquiries and concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We’d be glad to entertain them.